Elastic Buffer

Transparent or colored for a wide range of applications, e.g. spacer, stop buffer or device foot

Self-adhesive elastic buffers give a firm grip and at the same time avoide slipping and scratching. They dampen noise and vibrations and can be integrated into the design optimally.


  • Device and housing feet for household appliances, telephones, computers, keyboards ...
  • Impact protection for furniture doors, sliding doors, flaps ...
  • Vibration damping in devices and machines
  • Noise reduction in vehicles and sources of vibration
  • Surface protection for acrylic, glass and ceramics
  • Spacers for sheet metal, equipment housings, table tops, ventilated pictures, signs

Standard Program

  • Transparent or colored protective buffer
  • Diverse forms such as round, rectangular, square and special
  • Made of synthetic rubber or acrylate adhesive

Elastic Buffer in customer-specific Design

  • Possible as molded elastic buffer or
  • Molded parts made from reel

Reel Material

  • Transparent or colored
  • Available in various thicknesses and degrees of hardness (Shore A)
  • From synthetic rubber / acrylate adhesive

Mold Stamped Parts

  • Application-optimized mold stamped parts
  • Manufactured to customer specification
  • Primarily from reel material


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