Distance Pads

Distance pads made of PE foam, cork or XPS material

Often you have no influence on whether the goods are transported in an appropriate manner. Our distance pads are ideal for storage or transport protection. They are used as an intermediate layer to securely protect products during transportation. They also avoid unpleasant noises. Our self-adhesive products stick just as much as to meet their purpose in place - and just as little as to be removed quickly and residue-free.


  • Distance pads for transport protection / corners welded
  • One-sided self-adhering
  • Easy handling - flexible use
  • Cost-effective manufacture
  • Shape and size according to customer requirements


CNC milling, laser engraving and laser marking

With us, you can mill turning parts, assemblies and small batches in CNC-quality. In addition, we provide the most various materials with your own individual engraving.


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